18 Feb

Gunky's Favorite MMO Characters

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I play a lot of MMOs and the like, and I'm an alt junkie. I tend to roll lots of secondary characters to get a feel for some different aspect of the game, or to expand on my crafting, etc., but I always go back to one "main" character. 

"Yeah. So the fuck does everyone, Gunky. So what?"

So nothing, meatbag. I just want to introduce my awesome and sometimes hilarious main characters.

The Lord of the Rings Online

Main: Gunkydoc

LoTRO: Gunkydoc, Hobbit Hunter

Gunkydoc the Hobbit Hunter started out as a "slave" alt for my then-main, Gordur, the Dwarf Minstrel. I soured on the Minstrel style of gameplay and decided to play my crazy Hunter full-time after I saw a friend of mine - Isendas - kicking serious ass with his bow. It looked way more fun, and the class was a lot "faster" than the Minstrel. Not really stronger, just literally speedier, with the running and the travel skills and the crazy-powerful bow damage. I've done more raiding and instance play on my Huntard than I have on all my other characters combined. 

Star Wars: the Old Republic

Main: Ogregunk

SWTOR: Ogregunk, Sith Warrior

When TTH's LotRO community site got shuttered, I was on the verge of losing my job. And then they opened the SWTOR community site and needed writers, so I jumped on board for that. Ogregunk, a Cyborg Sith Juggernaut, was the first character I rolled, and I fell in love just about instantly. I wanted to play Darth Vader, and the Juggernaut is as close as it gets. In a way, I kinda wish I had started as something else and discovered how awesome this class and storyline is later on, because as awesome as all the other classes are, it was all downhill from here. I remember talking on Ventrilo on the day I rolled him, speaking to the other team members, who had all been playing it for a couple of months already at that point and who were all jaded, and being all excited at how fast and engaging the gameplay was.

Star Trek Online

Main: Gun'Ky

STO: Gun'Ky, Klingon Vice Admiral

My buddy Kevbob had been pestering me to play STO with him, so I downloaded it and checked it out and it turned out to be an okay game. I spent some money and unlocked the Klingon race for the Federation, and the Wrath of Khan outfits because I'm old school like that. I then rolled the biggest, meanest-looking Klingon combat-specialist captain the sliders would allow. Kevbob rolled a female character of normal height, and discovered that tapping the "crouch" key rapidly caused the character to bob up and down. He then filmed a FRAPS video of his character performing simulated "crouch-key" fellatio on my Klingon dude, making a "guk guk guk guk" noise into the mic, for like five straight minutes. He didn't stick around in STO for long, but I got Gun'Ky to level 50 when that was still the level cap, and I've been checking in on him off and on since they released the Delta Rising expansion which increased the cap to 60. He'll be there soon. 

Elder Scrolls Online

Main: TehGunky

ESO: TehGunky, Dunmer Templar

I'm not sure what it is about this game, but I just can't seem to commit to it. It looks fuckin' awesome, the story is cool, I like the class I'm playing and I'm more or less accustomed to the kind of weird gameplay now, but I can't seem to play it for those epic 16-hour sessions like I could with LotRO and SWTOR. Maybe it's because those epic 16-hour sessions of sitting on my ass made me fat and fucked up my back, so now I can't sit that long anymore without pain? I dunno. This is a game I want to love, but haven't found a groove for. 

I play lots of other MMOs, so I'll continue this list in another post. 


Site looks great so far!  I can't wait to see the updates as they happen and read your upcoming articles.  Awesome!

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