16 Feb

First Post, HUZZAH!

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Testing the integrity of the site's many wonky mechanisms, modules and monkey-driven machines. 

If it doesn't work, I blame Drupal, ThemeBrain and the authors of the dozen-ish third-party add-ons required to make everything look the way it's supposed to. 

Anyway, welcome to the site, meatbag. I hope you're ready for some fun and abuse. I hope to provide one and sincerely vow to provide the other. I can't guarantee you'll like what you see here - I intend to write about things that interest, excite and enthrall me, and my tastes will not be the same as everyone's. I'm fine with that. I recognize that opinion and belief =/= fact, so I will be attempting to post subjective content in a different manner from objective stuff. I may need to tweak some settings and code here and there to make that obvious, because I honestly, truly believe that people are dumb and need the obvious pointed out to them from time to time. Me included. I'm a meatbag the same as everyone else. 

I hope you, the reader, enjoy cynicism, sarcasm, irony and satire, and are able to tell the difference between all four of those things. In case you can't, here's the breakdown:

  • Cynicism - Skepticism based on the knowledge that all humans are base animals, and not the enlightened, angelic beings we pretend to be. When you look the word up in the dictionary, it is often defined as "sneering contempt of humanity" or some other "loaded-language" definition that makes it sound terrible, but in reality, it is basically the application of scientific methodology to human behaviour, based on observable phenomena.
  • Sarcasm - This word has recently been re-defined to mean "irony in the most eye-rolling fashion," but it really means being "using mocking language to convey scorn or insult." Calling someone an asshole is sarcasm. 
  • Irony - It's not like rain on your wedding day, or a free ride when you've already paid. It is saying a thing intending the opposite meaning, or a situation where contradictory forces are at play (for example, a politician giving a speech demanding honesty in government). Irony is often used sarcastically - for example, if someone says something incredibly stupid and you tell them, "You're SUCH a genius!" and give a dramatic eye-roll, you are being both ironic (because you are implying the person is, in fact, not a genius) AND sarcastic (because you're basically calling the person a dumbass). 
  • Satire - The use of irony, sarcasm, exaggeration, caricature and other forms of mockery to expose that which is ridiculous or undesirable. Satire can be comical, but isn't always funny or lighthearted. 
  • Pedantry - Long-winded explanations of shit nobody cares about. Basically, my specialty. 

This is going to be the new home of The Grumpy Gamer - satirical/editorial stuff I wrote for TenTonHammer.com. I've parted ways with that organization (on good terms), and they said I could take the persona and brand with me. Now.. I know there is a fellow out there already calling himself GrumpyGamer. I wasn't aware of it when I started writing in that "voice," and didn't know that site existed until I tried registering the domain for this one. Anyway, now that I know it's there and has been for a while, I'll be switching the name to The Gunky Gamer. And yeah, I did register that doman

Welcome to SirGunky.com. 


Gunky, you're a meatbag and you should be ashamed of yourself and not allowed on the Internet. This is an angry comment. 

Angry retort for testing purposes! Torches and pitchforks! 

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