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01 Apr

Road to RPAL, Part 2

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The road is long, with many a winding turn, that lead us to who knows where, who knows when.

The Walking Dead 5.16 Recap

The Walking Dead 5.15 Recap

The season finale of the Walking Dead opened a lot of new doors, while leaving most of the rest still hanging open. Just so we're clear, that's not a bad thing.

Spoilers ahead. And this one is running long.

The Walking Dead 5.15 Recap

The Walking Dead 5.15 Recap

The situation in Alexandria is slowly and invariably building to a epic thunderhead.

Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution!

The Walking Dead 5.14 Recap

The Walking Dead 5.14 Recap

I like it when The Walking Dead throws me for a loop, but dang, man. Sometimes it's just plain heartbreaking.

+ + + Spoilers ahead! + + +

The Walking Dead 5.13 Recap

Walking Dead 5.13 Recap

Pretend I've been doing this all along....

Rick and the gang are playing at being domesticated in Alexandria. It's clearly not sitting well with most of them. 

The Road to RPAL, Part 1

The Road to RPAL, Part 1

I decided that this was the year I was going to get my Restricted PAL, using my income tax refund. This is sort of a complicated and expensive process in Canada, so the first thing I had to do was figure out an order of steps I would need to take.

22 Feb

Studio Louts

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Synthetic Lout hit the studio yesterday, and we hammered out the bed tracks for six new arrangements. Add that to the seven songs we did last session and we have the makings of a fine CD.

Studio Louts

I used the same studio rig this time as last time - Epiphone SG Special directly into the Marshall JCM900 Model 4101 combo, running at 100w. 

AR-15s Suck

The AR-15 is a way popular sporting rifle. Much more popular in the U.S. where people can actually use it for most of its intended purposes, including hunting and home defense. Less popular here in Canada.

18 Feb

Gunky's Favorite MMO Characters

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I play a lot of MMOs and the like, and I'm an alt junkie. I tend to roll lots of secondary characters to get a feel for some different aspect of the game, or to expand on my crafting, etc., but I always go back to one "main" character. 

"Yeah. So the fuck does everyone, Gunky. So what?"

So nothing, meatbag. I just want to introduce my awesome and sometimes hilarious main characters.

The Lord of the Rings Online

Main: Gunkydoc

17 Feb

"Vintage" Is Yuppie Bullshit

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There's a segment of the guitar-buying market that pays a gigantic premium for "vintage." "Vintage" is a load of hot bullshit. 


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